After a major ranks shakeup, Roast Battle is roaring into March with some hungry fresh faces and a foursome of veterans vying for a spot on the upcoming Roast Battle Red State Tour. The competition is looking fierce, and so are our judges.

In the VIP section tonight, the panel features a trio of our favorite ballbusters. Roast Battle UK favorite and Belly Room regular Alex Edelman is back in his home country, ready to tear these competitors new arseholes. Corey Charron – King Of The Dot champ, previous Belly Room contender – is also returning to the judges’ section after showcasing his battle rap prowess in the critically-acclaimed Bodied. Finally, the panel is anchored by everyone’s favorite Roastmaster General, Jeff Ross.

Our first undercard tonight features Abraham Boche versus Seth Lawrence. Abraham is an award-winning janitor who has not been able to carry those skills to cleaning up in the Roast Battle ring. Seth has previously won a single week of the Uncle Clyde’s Comedy Contest, which means he knows how to bring a crowd and win a contest. Will either of these guys step up to the plate tonight? Abraham is the more likely victor, given his experience – flimsy as that experience may be, as he sports an 0-2 record. But Seth may be a dark horse, depending on if he can pack the Belly Room the way he packed Flappers. Or if he can pack his set with nothing but bangers. Either way, I’m looking forward to this probable trainwreck.

Our second undercard features Brian McDaniel and Julian Fernandez. These guys are two hot-shots who haven’t stepped into the ring in a minute, but they have solid records that are undercut by occasional slips. It’s a fairly traditional babyface versus heel match, and not just because Julian looks like an overgrown toddler and Brian looks like he has a foot fetish. These guys know how to bring the fight, so hopefully they can shake off the dust and put on a hell of a show for us tonight.

Our first tournament matchup features Dan Nolan taking on Robin Tran. Dan and Robin are two Belly Room legends. Dan is a top-tier joke writer with one of the goofiest sensibilities in the show’s history, and Robin is a silent assassin who fires off jokes like armor-piercing rounds. They are also both excellent at playing off misfires, which is a wonderful skill to save awkward moments from derailing the show. The winner here will take on the winner of the next match…

…which features Keith Carey attempting to beat the brakes off Joe Eurell. These two are not only some of the best battlers we’ve seen, with TV appearances under their belts, but they are also extremely prolific, with dozens of appearances in the books for each of them. There is a ton of experience between these two. Literally, the amount of times they’ve taken the stage has probably put at least a ton of pressure on that creaky thing. The winner is one step closer to fighting on the road in April, and for both of these guys, that step will be the most satisfying step of their lives. This one will be an absolute scorcher.

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