OH MY GOD! Can you believe it’s time for Volume 26 of the Power Rankings?! Me neither. Let’s get right into it – but first, a couple of disclaimers.

1) Timing issues made for a weird release of the rankings this month, and it’s important to note that these do NOT include the May 1 battles (headlined by Joe Eurell vs. Caesar Lizardo). Those battles will be reflected in Volume 27.

2) There are no New York rankings once again – this month that falls 100% on me, the mysterious person writing this who shall never be identified. While we have a committee to generate the rankings, I’m the only one who actually puts the write-ups together and this month I’m just simply too busy with other Real Life Shit to do a recap of the movement over in the Big Apple. The good news is that https://www.roastmastersnyc.com/rankings appears to be totally up-to-date so head on over to there to brush up on their top dogs.

Alright, that being said, let’s see what went down in April and how the ranks shake out as a result!

  1. Toby Muresianu 12-3-1
    2. Leah Kayajanian 11-8-1
    3. Bryan Vokey 9-2
    4. Nicole Becannon 9-4
    5. Omid Singh 17-7
    6. Doug Fager 10-6-1
    7. Pat Barker 14-6-2
    8. Jamar Neighbors 6-4
    9. Jeanne Whitney 7-4
    10. Dan Nolan 12-11

Another month, another win for Toby Muresianu, as his dominant win over Jay Light keeps him in the top spot yet again. While the official title situation has been in flux for almost a year now as Eli Sairs continues holding the official recognized unified title, Muresianu has without a doubt earned the title of the unofficial Belly Room Champion. Nicole Becannon, Muresianu’s next challenger, jumps to number four after a one-round main event win over Jeff Sewing. Pat Barker’s upset at the hands of Sarah Keller drops him to number 7, while Dan Nolan returns to the Top Ten after a lengthy absence following a win over Isaac Hirsch.

  1. Keith Carey 15-16
    12. Alex Duong 10-7
    13. Alex Hooper 13-8
    14. Sarah Keller 7-2-2
    15. Jeff Sewing 6-2-2
    16. Jay Light 14-13-1
    17. Caesar Lizardo 9-4
    18. Quentin Thomas 6-3
    19. Mike Schmidt 6-2
    20. Galina Rivina 7-4

Despite being 0-3 in the Belly Room over the last 11 months, Keith Carey has managed to tread water with his record by way of a 3-0 run at the Roastmasters since last March. His latest victory comes over Zac Amico in one of the greatest battles The Stand has ever seen. Alex Hooper drops to a career low #13 after a loss to New York’s Chloe McGovern runs his losing streak to five battles. Sarah Keller’s aforementioned win over Barker moves her up to 14, and with a match with Carey looming she can see a clear path to her first ever Top Ten ranking. Sewing and Light fall to 15 and 16, respectively, after their losses that we covered earlier, while Caesar Lizardo jumps to 17 with his win over Paige Wesley.

  1. Evan Cassidy 6-3
    22. Albert Escobedo 8-2
    23. Stuart Thompson 6-5
    24. Rena Hundert 6-2
    25. Isaac Hirsch 6-2
    26. Ramsey Badawi 5-3
    27. Joe Eurell 9-9-1
    28. Jacob Trimmer 7-4
    29. Brett Erickson 5-0
    30. John-Michael Bond 7-3

Isaac Hirsch falls to 25 following his loss to Nolan, while the rest of this group was inactive for the month and largely stays put.

  1. Jonathan Rowell 5-5-1
    32. Tony Bartolone 7-8
    33. Nicole Aimee Schreiber 3-1
    34. Katrina Davis 5-3
    35. Brian McDaniel 4-0
    36. Armando Torres 4-2
    37. Hormoz Rashidi 5-5-1
    38. Valerie Tosi 4-2
    39. Logan Guntzelman 3-1
    40. April Lotshaw 4-2

None of these motherfuckers battled, making my job very easy here.

41. Brent Duncan 5-5
42. Paige Wesley 5-5
43. Zach Stein 6-4
44. Heather Marulli 6-5
45. Ashley Johnson 3-1
46. Alfred Konuwa 4-4-1
47. Guam Felix 7-6
48. Andrea Guzzetta 2-0
49. Lonnie Johnson 5-4
50. Movses Shakarian 4-4

Heather Marulli re-enters the rankings after her win over Guam Felix, while he falls from 41 to 47 with the loss. Paige Wesley drops to 42 following her loss to Caesar Lizardo, and that’s it for bracket movement for April 2018!

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