With the Christmas season in full swing, Roast Battle is ready to give everyone a little holiday cheer. Specifically, cheers of “BATTLE! BATTLE! BATTLE!” screamed by a shirtless man mid-Hanukkah celebration. While the judges for tonight’s fights remain a mystery, I can tell you that we have an intriguing lineup featuring almost entirely veterans of the Belly Room ring in some downright cartoonish matchups. Let’s get to know tonight’s fight card!

First up in the undercards, Danny Williams returns to battle Roast virgin and Bryan Callen doppelgänger, Troy Dillinger.

Danny Williams made a decently received debut a few months ago against fellow first-timer Daniel Moquin, but apart from that he’s legitimately one of the funniest motherfuckers I know, so I expect him to be able to use the same quick-on-his-feet command of the stage he has at mics against his less experienced opponent in the Roast Battle ring.

After that, we have the prodigal pioneer of Roast reporting, Josh Waldron returning to take on Paul Elia.

Paul’s returning after an extended absence of his own, last seen taking a close loss to Izzy Salhani at the end of 2015 in a fight forever immortalized in the debut episode of Verbal Violence, the Roast Battle podcast. Waldron’s been stacking up battles the past few months putting in great performances that should extend to another solid exhibition here tonight.

Rounding out the undercards, we’ve got two of Roast Battle’s hottest up-and-comers, Paige Wesley and Danielle Perez facing off in a battle of the plus-sized pugilists.

Paige Wesley just punched her ticket to the play-in bracket of the upcoming 2018 tourney after a seemingly endless string of star-caliber performances in the undercards this past year. Danielle Perez, hands-down Roast Battle’s most feared female paraplegic fighter, has a number of classic bouts under her belt as well.

Finally of all the oddball matchups tonight, I can’t even conceive of one more exciting than tonight’s main event between Joe Eurell and Jamar Neighbors.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been more equally curious and excited at just the mention of any other matchup as this. The two components that make a great battle are joke writing – which Joe and Jamar both excel at – and, just as important, roastability, an area where these two have few peers. It’s an interesting fight card an could easily make for an all-time classic night in the Belly Room. Let’s roast!

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