Let’s break down this phote, another beauty from the Great Photog. Rell still cant believe how good the Undercard was. The ISIS Wave is loving it. Dude in the bottom left corner appears to be delirious from having such a good time and lost all motor functions. Look slightly to the left of Al Madrigal and Ari Shaffir at Adam Eget, the newish Talent Coordinator of the Comedy Store. This might be the first documented picture of him smiling. he represents the oppurtunity I rambled about last week. Moses went out of his way to thank him during the last battle so I wanted to do the same. And also point out that if you google his name, he might be responsible for the holocaust.


But he probably didn’t do it. The attitude of the store is 1000x better than it was before Adam. And attitude reflects leadership. According to Remember the Titans.

Anyway, we have new rankings bruh!


Hit up to see the full list of 101 battlers! I must have added 15 new battlers. From battle records to new battlers to my laziness, this was our biggest ranks update ever! Biggest moves come from Jay Light (5-2), friend of the Report and perennial Smash Bros. loser (except yesterday fuck) tumbling to 9 after his SXSW loss. That puts Kim Congdon (4-0) to #4 overall! Didn’t even have to battle. Ashley Barnhill (3-0) barnstormed her way to the top 6 while Keith Carey (3-0) bulled his way into the top 10! This is all exciting for me. I am a big sports/numbers fan. I hope you all like comparing the ranks and feel free to comment or tweet me and Roast Battle with any opinions you have!

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