Tonight, Roast Battle is looking pretty damn good. We’ve got three undercards including a virgin suicide and some returns to the ring after long absences, and two tournament matches that will set the stage for the Hateful Eight starting next week. Get ready for a hot night in the Belly Room. Before we get to know our battlers, let’s meet tonight’s firing squad.

The judges tonight are Eddie Ifft, Baron Vaughn and Emily Hampshire. Both Eddie Ifft and Baron Vaughn are comedy veterans. Both of these guys combined probably have just about every comedy credit imaginable. Eddie has a Comedy Central Presents, and has performed on BETs Comic View and NBC’s Last Comic Standing to name a few. Baron Vaughn has a laundry list of acting credits as well as stand-up sets that’ve been featured on almost every late night show including Conan, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Emily Hampshire is a Canadian film and television actress known most recently for her role in the comedy series Schitt’s Creek. On to the battles!

In the first battle tonight T.J. Chambers goes up against Andy Wood. I don’t know these guys, but if I had to pick someone it would be T.J. Andy created Bridgetown Comedy Festival and has a Wikipedia page. I respect the hell out of a Wikipedia page. T.J., a longtime LA comedy scene dweller, has that, “I don’t have a wiki or started a successful comedy festival” eye of the tiger thing going on. Plus he’s from garbage Buffalo, NY – gross! He really needs this one.

Next up is Zane Pond versus Andrew Ryan Fox. Zane has had some pretty great battles in the past. He can for sure write a joke, but he can sell them even better. I don’t know Andrew Ryan Fox, but he has been in the ring much more recently than Zane, sporting a punk-rock demeanor and a soft-rock battle record. Middling matches aside, in my experience, all three-name comics are snakes who can’t be trusted. Keep your grass cut, Zane, and good luck.

The last undercard of the night is Valerie Tosi versus Lou Vahram. Valerie is a comic in LA and has Roast Battled a few times with some success, earning herself a spot in the top 50 for a couple months running. Lou is pretty much the same, but has battled way more times with less success. Lou has battled so many goddamn times. Is he respected now? Is he a villain? Is he a good guy? I really don’t know. Come and find out tonight!

In the first of our tournament matches, Sarah Keller takes on Jonathan Rowell. Sarah has become a cemented battler on the show. If Roast Battle was a pimp’s stable, Sarah is in the process of getting groomed to be the next bottom bitch. Jonathan is one of my favorite comics in LA, but has had some difficulty winning in the Roast Battle ring. It seems that many comedians who are good at “regular” stand-up have a tough time transferring into Roast Battle and vice versa. Though that is a trend, it is not even close to 100% true, as proven by your Connor McSpaddens and Keith Careys and what have you. And I’m only saying that because the people who this does apply to are most likely insecure about it and would project in some long, weird, goofy Facebook post. Anyway, Jonathan Rowell is a really good stand-up, and hopefully, that talent will be evident against Sarah tonight. However, Sarah’s very good too, so this should be great.

In the second of two tournament matches, Mike Schmidt takes on Katrina Davis. This is a great matchup. Mike always has some trick up his sleeve. He has very unique, deliberate joke delivery. His jokes are quick, smart and funny. Though Mike is more seasoned than Katrina, Katrina has only gotten better over time. It seemed like she took it another level in her battle against Isaac Hirsch, and she brought the fire against Paige Wesley in her first tournament battle. If she levels up again, Mike could very well be in over his head. Let’s roast!

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