It’s Tuesday and that means we’ve got another laughter packed night of Roast Battles in the Belly Room at the World Famous Comedy Store.

We have an excellent panel of judges tonight. There will be two sets of identical twins judging on Josef Mengele Presents Roast Battle. The Smash Bros, Cory N Chad, are making their debut at Roast Battle. These brothers from the Inland Empire should fit in quickly because they know how to be funny, mean, and goddamn filthy. Joining them will be Roast Battle favorites The Sklar Brothers (Sklarbro Country, Better Call Saul), Randy and Jason. The Sklars have consistently been two of the best judges on Roast Battle, providing quick witted, vicious barbs and valuable insight. Finally, we have the Roastmaster General himself, Jeff Ross (Bumping Mics), to provide all his expertise to build up and/or tear down the would be roasters of tomorrow.

First up, we have Kim McVicar versus Leah Mansfield.

Kim was a backup dancer for P. Diddy at the MTV Video Music Awards and Leah is a military veteran who fucked around with nuclear weapons. Kim is a Canadian and Leah is a lesbian. This battle is a tale as old as time. It will be Kim’s first time in the Roast Battle arena. Leah’s only battled once, back in 2017, and lost in a close one. We can’t be certain what to expect, but both are very funny stand ups, and have weird lives that are conducive to being made fun of, so let’s lean towards optimism.

Our second battle of the evening pits Robyn Blake against Anne Flagg.

Robyn is an aspiring fitness model, and actually changed her name to Robyn Blake so that people would have to think for a second if that’s the name of that guy who killed his wife (allegedly). Anne Flagg looks like Marilyn Monroe if Marilyn Monroe wore her addictions on her sleeve. This will be Robyn’s second time battle, and we’ll see if she’s improved since her first loss. Anne has some more experience, but has not fared particularly well, coming away with one victory in four battles. Hopefully, the crushing pain of defeat will have elevated their games.

In our third battle of the night, Michael Schirtzer squares off against Zahra Ali.

Michael Schirtzer is a Jewish rapper, and not an Israeli Jewish rapper, that might be OK. He’s a Jewish rapper of European descent, as well as a trained martial artist, so I think it’s great that he’s a rapper. Zahra is part of an all South Asian woman comedy show called “Facial Recognition Comedy” that arose from them constantly being confused with each other, but I always know which one she is. Neither competitor is a stranger to Roast Battle, and have both had their share of great battles. Michael has participated more frequently, but Zahra has the more consistent track record.

Our final undercard of the night features battlers David Lucas and Kosha Dillz.

Do we really have two Jewish rappers tonight? Yes. I didn’t look it up, but a rap name referencing kosher dill pickles is absolutely a Jewish rapper, even if he got baptized yesterday. Kosha Dillz is the more successful Jewish rapper, as he recently rapped outside the golden globes and has a website. This will be Dillz first Roast Battle. His opponent, David Lucas, is no stranger to the roast battle arena, but he has a varied past with it. Lucas at first seemed to be an unstoppable force, as he would absolutely murder opponents and judges alike with his razor sharp off the cuff lines, and even made fun of Corey Feldman so hard that he left the room. He hasn’t fared quite as well in his last couple of battles, as he faced stronger caliber competition who’s preparation paid off. He certainly still has it in him to absolutely destroy, and the show has had some of it’s greatest moments when he does.

The Main Event tonight has Greg Roque going joke for joke with Armando Torres.

Both of these guys are experienced, strong battlers. Greg recently returned from a year long hiatus to thoroughly pummel his opponent. Greg is always prepared with excellently crafted jokes, and fires back great comebacks that absolutely decimate opponents who cannot do the same. Armando Torres is not one of those people. He has battled some top competition, and usually comes out with a win. Armando is a terrific joke writer and extremely likable on stage. It’s a very evenly matched main event, that should provide big laughs and gasps as these two will pull no punches. And as an added bonus, the winner of the main event will earn themselves a spot in the next Best of the Belly Room show on February 19th. And who doesn’t love a little extra incentive?

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