Sup. My name is Josh Waldron. Some of you reading might know me but for those who don’t I’ll give a little background. I’m a comedian from NorCal and I showed up to The Comedy Store about 2 years ago. If you’re wondering why I’m qualified to write this…I am 1-0 in roast history. Now, I cruise the halls on most nights as we all do but especially #OnATuesday. A show as amazing as The Roast Battle needed a web site/blog so I pitched it to Moses and here we are. I’ll mostly post reviews/previews of the battles and content promoting the battlers but I’m open to any ideas that’ll make this thing the best it can be. If you have ideas please email me at [email protected] We’re gonna have a schedule, rankings, info about our judges and special guests and whatever other nonsense we can find.  Ok. Intro dunzo. #LETSROAST

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