It’s almost America’s birthday! While most are sparking up their grills and roasting s’mores, we are celebrating by roasting each other.

We have a KILLER VIP section tonight with rapper Freddie Gibbs making his judging debut, the “Rat King” himself, Theo Von, returning to grace us with his signature Southern swag, and of course, the Roastmaster General, Jeff Ross. With these absolute killers judging tonight’s carnage, we are in for a treat of true destruction and hilarity.

The first battle of the night features virgin battler Mitchell Lamar taking on Ahmed Al-Kadri. Mitchell has never battled before, but what I can gather from his photos is that he’s a very sassy man. Ahmed is coming off a disastrous win over Ryan Kelly, where the only high point was when it ended. Hopefully, he’s shaken off those first-time jitters and figured out the format a bit more. Either way, both of these men are characters and with the panel of fire judging, it’s going to be very entertaining.

Next up we have Robyn Blake versus Lloyd Bear Badeaux. Robyn is coming off a loss against Julian Fernandez in Julian’s best battle to date. Robyn has been stepping into the ring with regularity the last few months and continues to improve every time. She’s a dynamic character who leans into who she is, which is always fun to watch. Her last battle Jeff Ross said about her, “Robyn, you’re a great character for this show, I hope you continue battling.” Well, she’s back for blood and taking on Lloyd who is coming off a win against Joe Fahey in his first battle ever. He had a great first battle and proved that he understands the game, which should help him fair well against the more experienced Robyn. This is anyone’s fight, but we are in for a good one with these two.

The last undercard of the night features Alice Hamilton versus Kiernan Benkoil. Alice is coming off a loss to Sarah Lawrence in an impressively fought battle. Alice has consistently shown that she’s a rising star in roast battle, and that she isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Kiernan is coming off a win over David Centofanti, in a battle where Kiernan absolutely stomped Centofanti. Alice and Kiernan have very different joke writing styles, Alice is more calculated, mean and precise; while Kiernan goes for sheer delightful silliness that tickles the audience. Roast Battle has always been called a joke writer’s showcase, but lately we’ve seen a shift towards more performance-based wins. If this were the old days, I’d give the edge to Alice, but with this new wave of expectations, Kiernan could easily take it. Either way, these two are both great battlers and it’s bound to be a great one.

Our main event tonight features the undefeated Brett Erickson taking on Mark “The Shark” Stevens. Brett boasts the most undefeated record in roast battle history, he’s a sniper joke writer, which he pairs with an ease on stage that will contrast Mark’s spastic energy. While Brett only recently moved into doing main events, he’s a comedy vet, he has YEARS of experience, seriously he’s old as fuck, which will serve him well against Mark’s tendency to get a bit overzealous on stage. Tonight is Mark’s first main event, a feat for which he’s worked a long time. He’s coming off a loss to the king douche Lou Misiano, in what the judges unanimously said was Mark’s best battle to date. The judges specifically complimented his joke writing, but said his overly excited delivery is his greatest weakness. He is a roast battle staple and knows the game better than most, he knows how to write a fire joke, and if he can slow down and savor the moments, he just might be the one to end Brett’s streak.

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