Hot on the heels of the Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin we have a wild night of battles scheduled, and I do mean wild.

First up is one of the most entertaining battlers in recent memory, Digits, versus Joshua Harrison. Josh and I only have 8 mutual friends on Facebook, which means he still has that new comic smell…but he looks like he’s funny and guy has a winning smile. Let’s see what he can do against this figurative and potentially literal murderer.

Next up, we have Olusheyi Adeeko versus Abraham Boche. It’s times like these that I’m glad to be writing and not speaking. You can’t fuck up a name when you’re typing and it’s right in front of you. Look at Olusheyi and tell me you’re not excited to see what this guy brings to the table. Abraham is a funny dude and a really good sport. Let’s see if he can steal Oluyeshi’s weird throne, seen above.

Our third fight of the night features Sam Brilhart versus Kevin Mac. These guys look like they decided to battle over coffee at Erewhon. Kevin can really throw some haymakers and seems to get better with every battle. Sam is coming off a loss to William Montgomery where he made some bold choices that maybe didn’t fully pay off, but I love to see a battler take chances and can’t wait to see if the comedy lives up to the mustache tonight.

The fourth fight of the night pits two battle hardened vets Greg Roque versus Silvia Saige. Greg is quickly ascending into the realm of truly great battlers. He is a great writer and has a charm to pull off daring comebacks… even against the likes of Tony Hinchcliffe. And what can we say about Silvia Saige that isn’t a bit untoward? Oh! She’s funny, she seems super kind, and she is an invested battler. That was really easy. These two are going to bring it.

Bringing home the undercards for the night are Alex “Fonzi” Cureau and Kyle Smith. Fonzi brings a guitar on stage for some of his standup, but as we’ve seen from Kelsey Lane’s recent explosive win, guitar playing and great joke writing are not mutually exclusive. As far as I know Kyle doesn’t play the guitar… but he does seem pretty good looking, which again… not mutually exclusive from good joke writing.

And on to THE MAAAAAAIIINN EEEVEEEEENNNTTTT! Josh Waldron versus Zach Stein. I love these guys on and off stage. Fun fact: Josh was my very first main event. I won’t tell you who won, but it was me. Josh is a killer joke writer, an OG battler, and is really damn likable on stage. Zach Stein on the other hand puts the “wild” in wildcard. He always seems to write a joke that blows part of my brain away. He’s great off the cuff, and even better with the pen. This is an amazing way to close out the night and I honestly can’t wait. This night is fire .

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