It’s all set to be yet another crazy bonkers night at Roast Battle in the Belly Room! We’ve got a short fight card with three undercards and a main event featuring two Roast Battle mainstays. Let’s see who’s on tonight’s chopping block.

Up first, we have a virgin suicide as Roast Battle newbies Pete Souvall and Harper-Rose Drummond shit-talk each other. Pete and Harper-Rose can be seen regularly popping up around the Los Angeles comedy circuit, telling sly jokes and working their unique brands of likability. I’m excited to see a fight between a girl who’s clearly a fan of Fall Out Boy and a guy who looks like he got arrested for selling drugs outside the concert. Hooray for new fighters!

After that, we’ve got Josh Edelman versus Mary Elaine Ramsey. Mary Elaine is new to the Roast Battle ring, but she has a bevy of acting credits under her belt and was called a “trailblazer” by Voyage LA, a feather in the cap for any open miker who hasn’t gotten a Forbes “Lady Comedian Under 30” profile written about them yet. Josh has put on two solid performances during the show thus far, and is looking to continue his upward trend and officially go above .500 against Ms. Ramsey. But we all know to never count out a rookie, and judging by the comedic company she keeps and the grind that’s evident on her Instagram page, Mary Elaine won’t be fucking around.

Our final undercard of the night features two rising Roast Battle stars as Gary Curtis takes on Kim McVicar. Gary and Kim both have proven themselves worthy of being ranked in the top 50, with Gary sporting a perfect 3-0 record and Kim clocking in at 4-1. These two fighters are fun to watch, bring well-crafted jokes to the stage, and, as a Roast Battle bonus are pretty easy on the eyes. At a show known for bringing the best out of the worst-looking people, it’s always refreshing when attractive people prove that they can also write jokes. Let’s see who goes home Tuesday with another win and who’s going home with just their self-esteem intact.

Our main event this week features Joe Eurell versus Guam Felix. If you’re coming to Roast Battle to watch ugly people tell jokes, good news: you’re FINALLY in the right place. Joe and Guam are two extremely seasoned competitors, with nearly 50 battles between the two of them. They know how to bring the heat and put on a highly entertaining show, with jokes that always get the crowd roaring. Besides, where else in Hollywood are you going to be able to watch a cripple fight an overweight Guamanian and actually walk away feeling good about what you witnessed? That’s the magic of Roast Battle, baby!

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