Tonight’s two-part main event will be the semifinal rounds of the tournament. It’s finally down to four and each and every one of them deserves their spot, spending the last few months writing and researching tirelessly in order to make it this far. Two will move on to a three-round final on March 20th. Let’s see what happens.

Our judges’ panel tonight is an all-star lineup of Roast Battle regulars. The Roastmaster General, himself, Jeff Ross will grace the VIP section along with Season 1 champ Mike Lawrence. Both were recently featured in the season finale of Crashing on HBO this past Sunday for an episode dedicated to our beloved show. Joining them is Season 2 competitor, Comedy Store regular, and Roast Battle O.G. Joe Dosch. There is no doubt the firing squad tonight will be brutal, accurate, and ready to carry a battle if need be.

Kicking off the undercards, hopefully before kicking the bucket, are Bob Golub and Jennifer Vally.

Both Bob and Jennifer have battled twice before, but Bob Golub always leaves a lasting impression. His fiery confidence in his questionable jokes make for extremely entertaining disasters. Despite the fact roasting may not be his niche, it’s almost guaranteed he’ll be fun to watch.

Next, Jasmin Leigh and Stephanie Tejada will throw verbal blows and probably dance at some point.

Jasmin is known for bringing vibrancy, confidence, energy, and twerking to the roast battle stage and tonight is sure to be no different. Stephanie, who you may have seen on Bad Girls Club, has never battled before. I’m assuming these two are friends, and on top of Jasmin’s improved writing as of late, she also has a better track record in battles with women she’s friends with. Much like Bob Golub, whether the jokes are there or not, these personalities are certain to satisfy an audience and give the judges a chance to shine.

Rounding out the undercards will be Joe Eurell and Evan Cassidy.

Evan Cassidy returns after a long hiatus. He was a top 25 battler but has since been removed from the rankings due to inactivity. In the year Evan’s been gone, Joe Eurell has captured the hearts of battlers and fans, becoming a room favorite and one of the fiercest comeback writers in the game. Joe recently suffered losses to Jamar Neighbors and Bryan Vokey, but is back in hopes of sending Evan Cassidy back into retirement in the battle for the OC.

The first semifinal pairing pits Tony Bartolone against Jonathan Rowell in a battle of the underdogs.

Jonathan entered the tournament in the play in rounds with a 1-4-1 record, a record that arguably did not represent his skill in the ring. He took down some early tournament favorites, including Sarah Keller in a closely contested first round and now enters the semifinals with a 4-4-1 record. Tony Bartolone was able to bypass the play-in rounds with a high ranking and came in with experience in three-round battles with top-tier competitors. Although he lost in the first round, his chances were revived after his first round victor went batshit crazy and dropped out because she is a beautiful, tortured genius. Bartolone took that opportunity and capitalized with a win over his second round opponent, Ramsey Badawi and now finds himself in the semifinals. If these two are both hungry to continue their comebacks, this match should be a bloodbath.

The second semifinal round doesn’t have quite as an exciting storyline but sports two very talented writers with dad bods, Bryan Vokey and Jeff Sewing.

Sewing was favored early on to end up in the final four. He lived up to expectations putting up an incredible fight against Jacob Trimmer and winning in overtime, as well as taking down Galina Rivina in the second round. Vokey has been a dominating force, taking wins over two of the most likable battlers in the tournament, Joe Eurell and Katrina Davis. Bryan has a tendency to go harsh in his joke writing but balances it out with charm and confidence. Both these battlers are incredible writers and bring quick wit to the stage which should result in a win for the audience.

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