It’s Tuesday again and that means it’s time for another hot night in the Belly Room.

Confirmed judges for tonight’s battles are Jacob Sirof (Problematic w/ Moshe Kasher, Chelsea Lately, Last Comic Standing) and Mo Mandel (Comedy Knockout, Man Up, Barely Famous) these two comedy juggernauts are sure to lend an exciting and fresh take to the VIP section. We’ve also got everybody’s favorite Roastmaster, Jeff Ross, rounding out the panel.

Our first undercard of the night features Antonio Montello against Alice Rose. This is the second battle for Antonio, his first being an embarrassing showing against Malcolm Hatchett where he didn’t come prepared with jokes, just facts, something we’ve seen increasingly with virgin roasters. Hopefully, Antonio has learned from his mistakes, studied the roast joke format, and will bring some fire tonight. Alice Rose is a Kill Tony regular, so while this is her first battle, she’s used to getting some heat and can hopefully hold her own in the ring. Since I don’t know much more about her than that, this is anyone’s match, as Antonio hasn’t proven himself to be a formidable opponent.

Next up on the chopping block is Cat Wright vs. Tatenda Mbudzi. Cat has battled once before and came out victorious against the Bisexual Beast Kelsey Lane. Cat’s first battle was impressive, she had silly, concise, well-written jokes, and was quick on her feet. She rolled with the punches and showed an easy confidence on stage, while proving that she had studied, understood and prepared the roast joke format. New battlers like her are what the show is all about, they come with a knowledge of what works, and they put in the effort to put on a good show. Tatenda is new to California, having just arrived from Africa, and is currently working at obtaining an artist’s Visa to stay in the US. While Tatenda has never battled in the belly room before, he’s not to be discounted. He was a producer on James Franco’s Rabbit Bandini productions, and produced a ton of shows in Africa. He seems to have a lot of comedy experience under his belt, which should help him in the roast ring. Cat has the belly room experience, but Tatenda has that first-timer thirst, paired with more comedy stage time than Cat. This really could go either way, but I’d give the slight edge to Cat based on her past performance.

The next undercard features David Centofanti vs. Kiernan Benkoil. This will be David’s second battle, coming off a loss against Karina Beltran in a disastrous first battle. While David had arguably the only “joke” of that battle, the judges awarded the win to Karina for her likability. I don’t know much about Kiernan other than he is from Ohio and looks like a stock photo of a guy from Ohio. This is his first battle, and it could really go either way. David has the experience in the ring, but in his case, that doesn’t say much. If Kiernan brings anything resembling three jokes, I’d give the edge to him.

The last undercard of the night features fan favorite Robin Tran against virgin Selene Whittington. This is Roast Battle’s first ever all-transgender roast battle. This is why this show is so fucking great, no one is safe. Robin has proven herself to be an absolute beast in the ring, and always gives a room rocking performance. Her battle on Comedy Central against Alex Duong went viral, and her battle against Joe Eurell was dubbed one of the greatest in Roast Battle history, and won her the coveted “Battle of the Year” Roastie. She’s battling Selene Whittington, while Selene has never battled before, her and Robin are good friends, which always makes for a better battle, and Robin wouldn’t take on someone she thought couldn’t hold her own. I expect this to be the battle of the night, sure to bring the audience to its feet. I give the edge to Robin, but I know the audience will be the real winner tonight.

The main event tonight features comedy’s biggest dick Zach Stein vs. Unruly Heather Marulli. Both of these battlers have put in the work and risen up the roast battle ranks in the last year, as well as proven themselves to be crowd favorites. Zach has been battling a lot in the last year, stepping into the ring monthly and leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. Zach won “Undercard of the Year” against Dan Nolan and has improved tremendously since his roast battle debut. While he still has had some duds along the way, he’s consistently gotten better and proven himself to be a good writer. Zach is coming off a loss against Tim McGorry, and is surely out for blood, I’ll bet he comes at Heather with everything in his tiny body. Heather has been battling a little less frequently lately but is still a well-known battler in the belly room. Her match against RamPaige Wesley was one for the books. Heather hasn’t battled since June, when she lost to Rena Hundert, where her lack of enthusiasm may have cost her the battle. She has several months of rest under her belt, so hopefully she’ll come into this one with her usual “unruly” energy. Heather looks like she has a lot of experience dominating big dicks, so this could be her match if Zach doesn’t bring his A-game.

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