Oh snap. Tonight’s battles represent one of the reasons I love comedy. Its the community. I’ve shared stages and smoking circles with everyone battling. We even have a young comedian/magician the Amazing Jonathan as a judge!

Nah thats really Dan St. Germain. POWERFUL comedian. Commands every stage i’ve seen him on. He’s been on @midnight, had a Comedy Central half-hour and if I can remember correctly the first judge that also appears on the battle ranks! He comes in at hot #60, after losing to the incomparable Annie Lederman (1-0) when Roast Battle infiltrated the RiotLA festival. We’re excited to have him and the rest of the gang tonight.  And whoever else shows up #OnATueasday. Bit of a light night as far as matchups but the storyline in each battle more than makes up for it. Lets see who we have on the docket tonight!

In our first battle we have Brent Duncan (2-0) vs Toby Muresianu (1-0). 


I’m pumped for this battle. Both are great comedians and friends. Both are east coasters! 

I met Toby through shows. He’s a good guy and great comedy writer. I didn’t see his first battle but whenever that happens I rely on battler Jay Light (4-0) for info and he said Toby won his first match handily. Toby is legit AF. Got a .com and everything. Look him up. 

Brent I might another way through comedy. The open mic scene. At some point you laugh with each other through the dreariness of a mic and friendships are born. Brent has the perfect energy for Roast Battle. Im impressed by the way he preps for it. His last victory came against Carl Spitale (0-1), an intimidating man of great stature, and Brent roasted him like his name was Stay Puft.

My head says Toby. My heart says Brent. Im going with Brent.

The only other matchup tonight is Pete C (2-6-1) vs Matt Lewis (0-0)


Man, am I curious to see how this battle will unfold. Pete is a great battler but has had some tough losses. TOUGH. He also claims he is not a comedian which make this more impressive. Matt is a Roast Battle virgin. They say baseball pitchers have an advantage if a team hasn’t faced them before? Not the case here. We have plenty of tape on Matt. 

This battle is titled “Beef”, for appropriate but wholly confusing reasons. Matt seems to truly dislike Pete, despite the golden rule of only roasting the ones that we love. Matt has been coming at Pete all week in person/on social media/with voodoo dolls (speculation) and Pete has sat back and liked all comments. 

I stated earlier I’m tight with all these guys. Here’s a fun Matt Lewis story.

We have a mutual friend named Shannon. She invited us both to play poker with friends. He lost and promptly passed out, after which Shannon drew an impressive Hitler mustache on him. He woke up, didn’t know or go to the bathroom, and we left. We get to an In N Out and Matt is everyones favorite. People/employees are laughing as he walks up. Some girl took a picture with him. Thinking his comedy got him this attention, he looks at us and says “always workin, always workin”. Oh man. Would have paid any amount to watch him see the stache in the mirror when he got home. He wouldn’t have had to text “you guys are dicks” to us.

I gotta go with Pete here.

I am 6-2 so far in picks. Yea, I’m the only one keeping track. Wanna fight about it? Thanks as usual for reading and coming to the show. Tweet us @roastbattle or email [email protected] for questions/concerns/other stuff.

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