The card tonight sports a very solid line up of comedians. Almost everyone battling has either proven themselves a good battler, comedian or both. Battling and stand-up can at times be mutually exclusive, but not so much tonight!

Our first confirmed judge is Roast Battle favorite Keith Carey. Keith has gone the Shaquille O’ Neal route in Roast Battle. He was once a nearly unstoppable force. After being in the limelight on Comedy Central, he’s mostly moved on to commentating as an expert on the sport. Joining him will be Sydney Castillo, a former battler from the show’s earliest days in the Belly Room who can currently be seen on HBO’s All Def Comedy.

First up tonight is Thomas Fraser versus Oduduwa Olantunji. I don’t know these guys at all, but I can tell you already that I hope Thomas wins because he is from Baltimore, but as a red-blooded American Jew, Oduduwa Olantunji is a very annoying name to type. I don’t expect a man named Oduduwa to have the ability to combat the roasting skills one learns growing in the Bodymore, Murderland, but who knows! Anything can happen, baby!

Second is Ken Garr versus Brian McDaniel. Ken is a solid comic who performs at the MGM Grand Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas and Brian does not. Ken hosts the Improv Lab open every Sunday and Brian does not. I think there’s a pretty clear underdog in this fight.

Then Esther Ku takes on Josh Spear. This battle looks every couple in Silver Lake – a cute Asian girl with a pathetic looking white man. This should be an interesting one. I’m not sure how much battle experience these two have, but they might be the most experienced comics on the show.

In the last undercard,  Isaac Hirsch takes on Katrina Davis. Aesthetically, this battle is already hilarious. Both these comics are good joke writers, so this seems like a pretty even matchup. I think many are counting Isaac out because it’s just our natural instinct based on his demeanor, but the man can deliver.

In the Main Event, Caesar Lizardo is taking on Guam Felix. Caesar has had his ups and downs on the Roast Battle stage, but he has really stayed with it and worked hard which has led to him becoming a pretty consistent battler. He seems to have figured out how to make this unlikable, fuckboy, “I say the n-word because technically I’m black, but it still makes everyone uncomfortable,” character work. Because of Guam’s really long winning streak, and the fact that he never lets me sit in the VIP section, has me rooting against him. Go Caesar!

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