Tonight, at the Comedy Store, bear witness to one of the greatest spectacles in the history of man. There are no unknown battlers, there are no under cards. It’s four main events, featuring eight of the most vicious battlers to ever step foot on the Belly Room stage. Relish in the sheer comedic devastation that is, Now That’s What I Call Battling Vol 2.

Of course, what’s a night of primo Roast Battles without a vicious firing squad. The judges will be more important than usual, since they decide the outcome of Main Events and tonight is nothing but main events. That means every decision is going to come down to their expertise, and we’ve got the perfect guys for the job. One’s black, one’s white, how will they ever get along? We’ve got Jerron Horton (I’m Dying Up Here, Historical Roast), who has been with Roast Battle since the beginning, battling in the belly room and on Comedy Central. Jerron has an intimate understanding of how the show works, and always provides accurate assessment and big laughs. Second, we have a roast battle judging virgin, Skyler Stone (Waiting, Hostel Part III). He may be new to Roast Battle, but he’s not stranger to jokes, with a large resume of comedic experience to fall back on, Skyler should fit right in with the show. As always, you never know who else will show up to judge, and with battles this hot, expect a very talented group to make their way on to the panel.

Our first main event of the evening features Greg Roque battling Zahra Ali. This battle features the least experience of any of tonight’s battles, but that’s less a slight on these competitors and more a statement of how strong this fight card is. These two would be a phenomenal main event to anchor the show any night, that’s just how good tonight is going to be. Not to mention, doing a lot of roast battles is great, but winning them is better, and these two are winners. Zahra was most recently seen dismantling Michael Schirtzer, and that very same night Greg Roque beat Armando Torres in a main event to win his way on to tonight’s show. These two are great writers and quick with a comeback. This should be a fun battle to watch.

Next up, we’ve got Jay Light vs Isaac Hirsch in the battle of guy vs guy who looks like guy. If you do Roast Battle as a white guy who wears glasses, at some point you will be compared to Jay Light. Isaac goes beyond the whiteness and the glasses, as he is constantly compared to Jay, to the point where this battle seemed inevitable. These two are great joke writers, and I’m excited to see this remake of Looper. Jay used to battle more than anyone, one time battling every week in a single month. He’s slowed down since, but don’t be fooled, he is an efficient joke dealing machine. Isaac has been leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake as he seems unstoppable in verbal combat.

In our second to last battle on the night, we’ve got Sarah Keller squaring off against Alex Hooper. You might recognize Alex Hooper from his recent America’s Got Talent appearance that went viral. He roasts the judges, but they couldn’t handle self reflection and the only ones who liked it were Simon, and the rest of the world. Sarah is coming off a phenomenal win over some loser who is probably infertile. We’ve alerted security to this battle, so they’ll know that it’s a comedy show and Alex isn’t trying to steal Sarah to live under the bridge with him. This is a fun battle of contrary styles. Sarah is efficient with joke writing and strategy, always putting herself in a great position to come away with the win. Alex also writes great jokes and implores useful strategies, but this is often overshadowed by his theatrics and larger than life personality. We’ve got spectacle vs efficiency, either one can beat the other, and they’re in the hands of pros, so this should be exciting to watch.

Finally, Mean Boy, Connor McSpadden, going up against my girlfriend, Nicole Becannon. All bias aside, this is going to be a phenomenal battle. Nicole was the Roast Battle Champion recently, and currently sits at #2 in the rankings. Connor has not battled with his clothes on in over a year, but was constantly putting on explosive, memorable battles against the best competition in Roast Battle, and winning them. These two never disappoint (Roast Battle specific), their joke writing is unparalleled and both are dangerous strategical minds. Bias no longer aside, Nicole is going to win.

Seriously come out tonight, you won’t want to miss this show.

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