Roast Battle is almost six years old! Can you believe it? The show that started as an inside-baseball open mic with insults and aired grievances continues to be a worldwide phenomenon, just in time for it to go to JFL Montreal next week. We’ve got one more night in the Belly Room before Moses and Co. hit the road, so let’s get to know the players in tonight’s matchups.

Our firing squad tonight is spearheaded by the Roastmaster General himself, Jeff Ross. Joining him will be the father/son duo – or daddy/zaddy duo, I guess? – of Cort McCown and Matthew Broussard. Cort is a mainstay on the judges’ panel, and Matt is a multi-time finalist in both the Roastmaster’s Invitational and the Comedy Central version of Roast Battle. This ought to be good! Be sure to place your bets early on if any other white dudes will slide their way onto the panel tonight. (PROTIP: they will.)

Our first battle is the night’s only virgin suicide: Wayne Broadway versus Kenan Kaya. These two perform regularly on the outskirts of L.A., and while they’ve been playing the stand-up game for a little bit, this will be their first time to get after it in the Roast Battle ring. I’m not sure if they’re friends but they do look like they’d both cry if someone cut in front of them in the line in front of the Supreme store. Winner gets to keep the other one’s knockoff Jordans!

Up next, the IE’s Anthony Davis takes on the OC’s Galyn Nash. Anthony won his last Roast Battle thanks to a combination of strong jokes and a likable persona that lent itself to great off-the-cuff jabs. Galyn has never battled before, but he is tenacious, driven, and a fan of a shock-heavy joke-writing style that usually lends itself well to the Roast Battle ring. Will Galyn go hard in the paint or will Anthony use joke judo to earn victory once again?

After that, Josh Edelman takes on Rebecca Rush. Josh’s first and only match was a muddled fight against Shaun Keren that left the audience and the judges’ panel scratching their heads. Rebecca, the more experienced of the two, hasn’t been in the ring for a bit, but her training in New York’s roasting scene has spoken for itself so far here in LA. Will Josh come back from the brink or is Rebecca primed prove her skills further?

Our final undercard features two experienced fighters: Digits and Madison Sinclair. Digits is the fresher of the two, having consistently competed for several months now, while Madison is the more professionally accomplished, having worked in several TV writer’s rooms, where you’re consistently under the pressure to put out good jokes in a time crunch. This is an obvious stylistic clash, with Digits’ big parolee energy being the polar opposite of Madison’s ice queen poise, but it just might be the most unpredictable match of the night.

Our first of two main events sees Isaac Hirsch taking on a challenge from Jacob Trimmer. Jacob and Isaac have proven themselves to be some of the sport’s strongest fighters in the current wave of new-ish competitors, and tonight they test their mettle against each other. Jacob is always guaranteed to bring out some haymakers, while Isaac’s confidence and strategic prowess have rightfully earned him a spot in the top ten after taking down yours truly at Best Of The Belly Room II. I have nothing snarky to say about this one. Bring on the fight!

The last match of the night, and our second main event, is between the still-undefeated Brett Erickson and the recently-relocated Omid Singh. This is Omid’s return to the ring after taking a sabbatical from Los Angeles to hone his comedy skills in the U.K. and Europe. Omid remains one of the winningest battlers of all time, but even he might wind up falling to Mr. Perfect, Brett Erickson. If Brett wins, he will take his record to a staggering 11-0, and put himself in serious contention for a title shot. But Omid, a member of the Roast Battle old guard, is almost guaranteed to give him a run for his money. Though this is an outstanding fight card, this match is primed to be one for the ages – and the perfect battle to send us into the show’s sixth year as a comedy staple.

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