Roast Battle is ready to wrap up August with a slate of solid undercard battles. We’ve got no main event tonight, sure, but these four fine fights feature some of the best rising fighters along with some intriguing Roast Battle virgins.

Judging the action will be perennial Roast Battle favorites (and multiple-time Roastie nominees) the Sklar Brothers, fresh off a trip to the semifinals of the Roastmaster’s Invitational at JFL Montreal and a brand-new development deal with CBS. These two are some of the sharpest minds to grace the judges’ panel, and I can’t wait to see them in action once again.

Our first battle tonight – our only full-on virgin suicide – pits Rick Cisario against Kellen Schneider. Rick and Kellen are guys who’ve been making the rounds in the L.A. grind for a little bit now. I’d say it’s safe to assume they’re friends already, but even if they’re not, they do look like they are working together to save the community center from an evil real estate agent. Rick helps Kellen learn to read, Kellen helps Rick learn how to surf, and everyone dances to KC and the Sunshine Band while the credits roll. Anyway, it sure looks like it’ll be a fun battle!

After that, we’ve got Maronzio Vance versus Brendan Krick. Brendan shined in his first Roast Battle against Kaitlyn Jeffers, where he tore the room down with three bangers and had everyone clamoring for more. Tonight, we get more. His opponent, Maronzio Vance, is new to Roast Battle, but not a stranger to comedy competitions, having been a finalist on Last Comic Standing. He’s a strong comedian and can work under pressure. Hopefully he can convert both of those factors into a strong performance tonight.

Our third fight is some white boy-on-white boy crime as Austin Nasso takes on Salvatore Frattallone. Austin has been Roast Battling for a hot minute now, and also runs tech-bro roast show Socially Inept, where broke comics make fun of people with real jobs and salaries we’d all only dream of having. You know, fighting the good fight! Salvatore, seen here in his “Willy Wonka getting caught molesting the Oompa Loompas” cosplay, is new to Roast Battle, but has been hanging out around the Store long enough to hopefully absorb some of the angry energy you need to be a good roaster. Let’s see whose privilege gets checked harder!

The night’s final fight – the premier undercard of the evening – is between Cole Alexander and Kim McVicar. Cole and Kim have both shined in previous battles, and although there is no main event tonight, they’re bringing a veteran’s energy to the stage. It’s going to be a real slugfest between these two blond-haired, blue-eyed battle wunderkinds. Winner gets to be the new Hitler Youth troop leader!

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