Happy holidays, Roast Battle fans. Our gift to you is an action-packed five-fight night, so let’s get into it!

At the judges’ table, we’ll have ESPN’s own Amin Elhassan. Elhassan is a writer and NBA analyst known for his unique perspective. He has co-hosted several podcasts and made several appearances on SportsCenter. Tonight he’ll be commentating on a whole different ballgame alongside Jena Friedman. Jena has worked on both Letterman and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Friedman has some Roast Battle experience, with a win over Verbal Violence’s beloved editor and Roast Battle favorite, Jay Light. We can expect so sharp jabs at the battlers from Friedman, Elhassan and whoever else may pop in for the night.

First up is Antonio Montello versus Malcolm Hatchett.

These are two people I’ve never heard of, seen, or can even really find anything about on the internet. They could be two killers that come out of nowhere and bring us all to our knees, but probably not.

Next up is an out-of-towner tussle between Ezekiel Echevarria and Russell Ells.

Ezekiel has made a few appearances now in the belly room after his home at the Temecula roasts went under. He came out victorious in his last battle and has proven himself a worthy opponent. Orange County’s Russell Ells is no stranger to Roast Battle either, notching a win over Doon Sanders in November. These two haven’t let us down yet and it should be a solid battle.

Our next battle features the return of Ernie Stone and Brandon Brickz.

You may remember Ernie Stone from his battle with battle regular, Unruly Heather Marulli where she outed him as one of her strange bedfellows. All I know about Ernie is that he supposedly quit comedy to join the military and I not sure what happened there but he’s back in the verbal war zone taking arms against his opponent Brandon Brickz. Brandon has a personality as big as his big-ass body and is always brings high energy to his performance. Let’s see if Stone gets called out for orally pleasuring another large, charismatic opponent.

The last undercard of the night is the undercard of the undefeated as Brett Erickson and Sharon Houston try to soil each other’s perfect records.

Brett Erickson is 3-0 so far in the belly room and though his last win over Brent Duncan was somewhat unremarkable, he’s proven before that he is capable of a stellar performance. Sharon Houston is no slouch herself. She’s won both her Belly Room bouts with two killer performances, but one of these heavy hitters will go home with his or her first L tonight.

Tonight’s main event will be an Asian invasion of the Roast Battle nation when Alex Duong takes on Robin Tran.

Alex Duong was on a hot streak, but it was put to a halt with two recent losses to boring white men. He hopes to rekindle the fire with a more dynamic opponent. Our favorite battlers in the belly room are the ones who are both incredible roasters as well as incredibly roastable and Robin Tran fits the bill. After taking a long break following her appearance on Road to Roast Battle in Season 2, she will grace us with her presence once again armed with a newfound mental stability. Hopefully. I honestly don’t know who will take the W, or who makes the more beautiful Asian woman, but I do know this will be a main event to remember. Merry Christmas to us!

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