Roast Battle is here to bring out some hot fire and stave off this cold Tuesday. Tonight in the Belly Room, we’ve got a lot of newcomers cooking up jokes alongside some spicy fresh talent, and a main event with two of the sport’s best. As of press time, the judges have yet to be solidified, but it will surely be some combination of great Comedy Store comics, so don’t you worry folks – the VIP section is staying Very Important!

Up first, we have a virgin suicide between Bethany Therese and Nick Wuthrich. They’ve never set foot in the Roast Battle ring, but apparently you can see them performing at The Ice House and Flappers, according to their bios. Bethany has had the pleasure of performing on “The Soprano’s, where she played opposite Steve Bushemi” (direct quote from her bio) and Nick has had no pleasure his entire life because he lacks testicles (according to his bio). This looks like a bootleg Samara from The Ring versus a guy who spends way too much time browsing the children’s section of the library. Virgin fights are always a crapshoot but these two seem interesting enough to put on a good show. Fingers crossed!

After that, Ryan Joseph returns to tackle newcomer Nick Cain. Ryan impressed judges and Roast Battle fans alike in his first fight a few weeks back against Caroline Georges. Nick has never done battle in the Belly Room, and the only identifying info about his comedy (courtesy of his bio) is that he “is an incredibly skilled impressionist” who graduated from “ASU business college” – y’know, business school, where all the great comics come from – and that he calls himself “Millennial Comic” in a very business-school-grad effort to stand out from the pack. While his roasting abilities are undetermined, he looks like an easy enough target (and someone who can take a joke) so this ought to be a fun fracas.

Our final undercard pits everyone’s favorite mortician Juan Cias against Roast Battle newbie David Alvarez. David calls himself a “Dad, Comedian, Writer, Actor, Producer, Promoter, Ex Power Ranger, Vampire” and I hope he brings a little bit of all that energy to the ring tonight, if nothing else because Juan looks like he knows too much about vampire hunting. Juan has put on plenty of entertaining fights over the course of his Roast Battle career, having fun even when the chips are down. Here’s hoping tonight is no different.

Finally, in a three-round main event, Jay Light takes on Sarah Keller. Two three-round mains in back-to-back weeks? Y’all don’t know how spoiled you are. This one ought to be a real treat. Jay is a respected Roast Battle OG, having come up in a time when battlers only did three-rounders, so to see him return to a form he knows well is sure to be a treat. Sarah, part of Roast Battle’s second wave, has turned in a bevy of memorable performances over the years, including on a number of Roast Battle roadshows earlier in 2019. Both of them are strong joke writers and put together punchlines that cut to the quick, leaving opponents rattled and audiences highly satisfied. Plus, they both have experience booking the show under their belts, so if there’s anyone who really gets the weekly insight into the ins and outs of the room, it’s these two.

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