by Richie Gaines

This is a big week for competitive insults as three of our
best L.A. battlers head east to take on New York’s finest. The energy of the
room in New York may be more timid, but anyone who gets a chance to see that
show is in for a treat, as six highly skilled battlers go head to head.  We’ve seen some previews of how the
battles may pan out with J.P. Mcdade defeating Connor McSpadden last week in
L.A. and Lindsey Jennings defeating Chris Scopo at the Stand in New York.
Though L.A. dominated the small screen, we’re anxious to see how New York does
on their home turf. Even with some of our top dogs in New York, there is still another
Tuesday night verbal blood bath upon us here in the original home of Roast

Tonight on the Judges panel we have the Roast Battle season 1 champion Mike Lawrence. Mike is one of the most feared judges, which is odd
because he’s extremely fair when it comes to the actual vote. If your jokes are
solid, you have nothing to worry about with Mike, but if not, he is one of the
quickest and most ruthless judges. Mike will be accompanied by Marcella
Arguello from Last Call with Carson Daly and
Comedy Central’s @Midnight, as well
the Roastmaster himself, Jeff Ross. You never know whom Jeff will bring with
him. Last week it was Dave Attell, arguably one of the quickest and funniest
people in the world!

First up is William Gilliam versus Brother The.
The show is not very familiar with either of these comics, but from what I
gather about William, he is a recently divorced marine from Texas who had
originally married his wife in Vegas. Brother The definitely has some
premises to work with, but at the same time we’re talking about a guy who goes
by “Brother The,” so…lets just move on to some real comedians.

Next is Anthony Dayo versus Raab Russell. In
this fight, Raab has more experience being in the Roast Battle ring. Raab has
the potential to deliver and has had some fun and exciting battles in the past.
His opponent, Anthony has never battled, but is a very funny comedian out of
Philadelphia who has really made a positive footprint in the L.A. comedy scene
since arriving about a year ago. Philly is a city represented in the top and
bottom of the Roast Battle food chain. Foreshadowing…

The third battle is Philly’s own Lou Vahram versus Jasmin Leigh. We’ve seen Jasmin and Lou both sling great material and have also seen both shine on personality alone. Lou is coming off a battle
where he debatably lost in the actual battle, but won the crowd and our hearts
by spitting hot fire at Tony Hinchcliffe, taking the “W” against Tony and his
battle opponent. Every time Lou battles it’s fun, funny and completely

Next we have Manny Ortiz versus Reggie Reyes. I’m not very familiar with either of these guys, but from looks of
the shows Manny is promoting he is more of a singer than a comedian. Unknown
means nothing at Roast Battle. Many shine and many don’t. I just hope he hasn’t
been running his jokes at the Lip Sync Battle and karaoke shows he’s booked on.

Then it’s Carmen Morales versus Brett Erickson. Brett seems
like a solid working comedian who’s associated with acts such as Doug Stanhope,
so we’re definitely looking forward to what he brings to the ring. He describes
himself as an act that pulls material “straight from the day’s headlines,” so
the assumption is that his joke writing will be on point. Carmen is also not
well known in the Belly Room, but has performed on countless festivals and Laughs On Fox. We’ll see how Carmen’s quick
wit and likeability holds against one of Stanhope’s “Unbookables”. 

The last undercard is Julian McCullough versus Ben Glieb. In
comparison to everyone else battling tonight these two are by far, the most
seasoned, accomplished and experienced comedians battling. Though neither of
them may have much experience actually roast battling, both are strong joke
writers. Comedians such as Megan Gailey and Andy Haynes have proven that
experience being a good stand-up and strong joke writer can go just as far in
the ring as someone who’s a regular battler. Julian judges Roast Battle often and ben has made a few appearances in the dais himself. We’ve all seen these two be mean and hilarious off the top of their heads, we can
only imagine what they’ll have premeditated.

In tonight’s main event, Jacob Trimmer takes on Greg
Roque. Greg is crippled while Jacob looks like he’s been crippled by an overbearing Jewish mother. Greg is becoming quite the
experienced battler, earning a win against Keith Carey and being on the Comedy
Central show this past season. Though Jacob has a winning record and, to an extent, proven
himself, he has an occasion to rise to tonight. Jokes aside, Jacob’s toughest
battle will be against Greg’s “I’m in a wheelchair and I know it” likeability.

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