Tonight, Roast Battle brings you a trio of main events including a title fight.  We’ve got a slew of veteran judges to oversee the comedy carnage. Let’s get to know ’em.

Spitting fire from the VIP section, we’ll see Rick Glassman, formerly of NBC’s “Undateable,” and currently of Roast Battle’s judges’ dais. By his side will be New York’s finest, Joe DeRosa, another veteran of the VIP section, while overseeing everything will of course be the Roastmaster himself, Jeffrey Ross.

In our first undercard of the night, we have a rescheduled clash between Raul Reyes and Alex Farivar.

Raul has only battled once before, and was defeated by King Hassan, which sounds more like a story about his Mayan ancestors, than a battle record. I don’t know Raul personally, and judging by his Facebook, neither do most people. Alex Farivar is a virgin battler, who posts annoying viral videos on his Facebook and not much else. Hopefully his jokes have more personality than he appears to have. This is anyone’s match since neither of these battlers is known. Judging solely on their profile pictures, I’d say we’re in for a lot of generic racist and date rapist jokes.

Next up in our only other undercard, Paul Elia is back in action against Scott Kidd.

Both Scott and Paul have been involved with Roast Battle for many years, taking occasional prolonged absences from the ring. Paul has had some mixed success, while Scott Kidd endured a long run at the very bottom of the Belly Room rankings before the list was ultimately capped at 50. Nevertheless, both should be prepared for a solid matchup.

In our first of two one-round main events preceding tonight’s title fight, the pride of Canada, Rena Hundert takes on plus-sized diva, Heather Marulli.

Another solid matchup between two of the Belly Room’s strongest female competitors, this one has the potential to get deeply personal, which has historically either been amazing or awkward and uncomfortable in the Roast Battle ring, but with both comics capable of deep cuts as evidenced by their proven track records, this catfight could be another all-timer.

Next up, 2018 tournament champion, Bryan Vokey returns in his first battle back to take on Roast Battle’s winningest competitor, Omid Singh.

This is a matchup that has the potential to be an instant classic. Both battlers are highly roastable, seasoned in experience, and both are putting there top-5 spots at risk, so expect a little extra effort. Unless no one actually gives a shit about the rankings.But either way, this will be a good one.

Finally in our three-round Main Event title match, comedy’s sweetheart, Nicole Becannon takes on unkillable Roast-bot, Toby “The Machine” Muresianu.

The nickname of “The Machine” makes the most sense if you’re pronouncing Toby’s last name correctly, or if you’ve just seen him battle. Toby is pretty definitely the most feared roaster in the game. Keeping pace as a prolific roast writer, Toby’s already had more title defenses in the time he’s held the Belly Room’s top spot than any before him. Where previous champions have been a bit more deliberate and decisive with who they take on, with longer stretches between title fights, Toby has fearlessly taken one defense after another without a single loss in nearly two years. Nicole Becannon hopes to change that tonight after a solid two-year stretch of her own. Nicole has shot up the ranks almost methodically taking down many of the Belly Room’s best one by one and endearing herself to roast fans all throughout as a solid top five performer. It’s a no-holds-barred verbal bloodbath between two of our absolute best, and everything’s on the line. Let’s roast!

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