by Richie Gaines

Tonight’s card sports an eclectic range of battlers. Some
battlers are new, some experienced. Some have plenty of experience battling,
that experience just happens to be failure. 

Some of Comedy Central’s finest are
on the judges panel tonight Including Josh
Adam Myers (The Comedy Jam),
Yassir Lester (@midnight), Jeff Dye (This Is Not
) and Belly Room favorite Joe DeRosa. Lets roast! 

Our first undercard tonight is Darrin Chase versus
Tom Whalen. Neither of these guys have a ton of experience in the Roast
Battle ring, but between the two, only Tom has some prior experience in the open mic boxing ring, as you can see below: 

Many battlers run their jokes at open mics, but Tom might be the
first comic to prepare for his battle by actually fighting. If his joke writing
skills are like his boxing skills, the foundation may be sloppy, but at the end
of the day he can land a punch.

Second on the card is Dakota Freeman versus Michael Huebner.
Both Dakota and Michael are fairly new to Roast Battle and mostly get up in the outskirts of
the L.A. comedy scene in places like Anaheim, Long Beach, and Orange County.
These two could either be a bland, boring disaster, or the beginning of new
killers. Many of the show’s best comics and battlers – Keith Carey, Connor
McSpadden, Tom Goss, Anna Valenzuela, and Olivia Grace, just to name a few – originally hailed from outside the L.A. area, and Roast
Battle (along with generally being funny) helped launch them from “OC guys,”
who performed mainly outside of L.A. to Belly Room staples.

The ext undercard is Cody Morley versus Jose Trevizo. Jose and
Cody have not been in the ring in a while. Both of these guys have landed and
crashed jokes in the Belly Room. These guys are a perfect battle for each other
and could be just as perfect for the audience tonight. This will be a battle of
experienced inconsistency. At the same time, these comics have the capacity to be
great and I hope they are. 

The final undercard is Sameer Suri, one of my personal favorite battlers, versus Eric Lampaert. Eric I am less familiar with, but from what I
hear, he is a very funny comic out of the U.K. Eric has his work cut out for him,
as Sameer is a crowd favorite. This one-eyed-snake charmer is an absolute
beast. Sameer is one of the most unique battlers. He drops great jokes with a
delivery that is dripping with swag. This should be one of the battles of the

Next up in a five joke main event is Galina Rivina versus
Kevin McNamara. This might be the first time in Roast Battle history that the
girl is battling just for the hug at the end. Kevin is from Detroit, but was
born to be in Los Angeles. We’re talking tattoos and leather, beanies when it’s
hot outside, cartoonishly big rings on his fingers and could fuck your
girlfriend, mom and sister all at the same time. Galina’s expertise is in
battling men and has made almost every guy she has gone against crumble. I mean
it. Most of her battles make her opponents look pathetic. For her they are the best night of her
life, but for most of her previous opponents it’s been rough. If Galina slips tonight
it will be on her body’s reaction to being that close to Kevin, because she writes
great jokes and Kevin is fuckinnnnn’ hot (and I’m gay).

Speaking of gay, tonight’s main event is Dan Nolan versus
Jay Light. These are two of the best joke writers Roast Battle has to offer
going head-to-head. In the past couple months Dan has lost about thirty pounds
and every battle he’s been in. Who knew Dan’s best material was written on fast
food wax paper, but he is rigorous in his new diet of cutting carbs and success
out of his life. Dan is due for a win. All the past losses have been closer
than Dan was to death back when he was shooting heroin. He’s a killer. Jay’s a
killer. This could be easily be one of the best battles to go down this year.

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