It’s heating up in LA and it’s heating up in the belly room. We missed our dear Coach T last week, and his absence was felt, but Roast Battle OG Jay Light will be taking over his post (hearkening back to Roast Battle’s open mic days) until Coach is able to return.

Judging the battles tonight we have Season 1 champion and VIP favorite Mike Lawrence, and the Roastmaster himself, Jeff Ross. Who’s going to be our third? Who knows!

First up tonight, we see Josh Means returning to the ring to battle virgin Robert Omoto. Josh looks like he spends a lot of his time apologizing. We saw Josh make his roast battle debut in December in a close match Saul Trujillo where he barely took the L, but had an impressive first battle. Robert Omoto looks like an insurance salesman in Reseda and tonight will be his first time battling in the belly room. I give the edge to Josh after his impressive debut and since Robert is untested.

Next up we have Deirdre Devlin taking on Andrew “Drew” Fox. Drew recently changed his name from Andrew in an attempt to reinvent himself and I think that’s really all you need to know about him. Kidding, Andrew is an experienced battler who has some great battles under his belt. While he’s had a tumultuous past, this tattooed marsupial is no stranger to roast battle, and knows how to write a joke. He’s taking on Deirdre Devlin, who has a name for porn and a face for writing. In fact, Deirdre is a phenomenal writer and even has an Emmy under her belt. Deirdre made her roast battle debut back in January in an impressive virgin suicide where she took the W. She’s a great joke writer and extremely likable to boot. While Drew has experience on his side, I give the edge to Deirdre, but it’s really anyone’s battle.

Next up we have Isabella Charlton returning to the ring to take on virgin battler Anthony Davis. Isabella Charlton had a great last battle against the “Most Unlikable Man” Lou Misiano, she lost to Lou in a close match, but it was more Lou’s antics that beat her, she came with solid jokes and could have taken the W if Lou’s douchebaggery wasn’t so damn charming. Anthony has never battled before and looks like if Bert Kreischer gave up, a statement I am certain Anthony will take as a compliment, which it is most certainly not. Anthony is untested, so I give the edge to Isabella after her impressive last battle.

Next up we have the semi-finals for the Road to Texas tournament featuring the legendary Keith Carey and Dan Nolan. Dan stepped back into the ring for the first round of the tournament after taking over a year off from battling, and being around the Store completely. He came back with a vengeance and proved why he’s been considered one of the best writer’s in the game. He knocked out Robin Tran with jokes that are certain to be nominated for some Roasties. Keith Carey is the most experienced battler in roast battle, no one has stepped into the ring more and had more explosive battles than Keith. He is a tour de force and consistently named one of the most fun to watch, which is evident in the fact that he’s been on all 3 seasons of the TV show. These boys know each other very well, and are both absolute beasts. Dan has rest and relaxation on his side, while Keith has experience and showmanship on his. This could really go either way, but we can expect absolute destruction in the form of unparalleled joke writing and performance.

Our main event features the man, the myth, the penis, Zach Stein vs. the undefeated Brett Erickson. Zach is coming off a loss to me, (HA BITCH!) in an impressive and hard-fought battle. Zach is a phenomenal joke writer and has been improving exponentially in his last battles, he has turned his incredible unlikability into likability by owning the insults in a way that most battlers cannot. Zach’s “devil may care” attitude paired with expert joke writing make him an extremely difficult opponent, not for lack of material, but because no insult seems to stick to him, it’s like trying to hold onto an eel. (And no, I’m not talking about his penis, Jesus!) Brett Erickson is undefeated, boasting a 7-0 record, however those are all undercards and this will be Brett’s first main event. While Brett is an excellent battler and always brings well-written jokes, this will be his first attempt at taking down a true roast battle juggernaut. Brett is an experienced and distinguished comedian, so he’s not to be discounted. Both these white dudes have something to prove and I expect a lot of blood, after from their victims. Either way, this is set to be an awesome night of battles.

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