Welcome back Roast Battle fans. As a growing a number of celebrities and politicians are taken down by an endless string of sexual assault allegations, we’ve got some of our favorite LA comics ready to more or less do the same to each other for your entertainment tonight. Supervising the verbal combat, we’ve got a solid panel of Roast Battle accredited judges. Let’s meet em!

Moshe Kasher of Comedy Central’s “Problematic” along with countless other credits -including multiple Roastie nominations for Judge of the Year – returns to the panel. Sean White is the former host of Roast Battle’s Chicago equivalent, “Beef,” and earned regionals appearances in both seasons of the Comedy Central show. Rounding it out for the second week in a row is Roast Battle sweetheart, Olivia Grace, one of only two battlers to have appeared in both tournament rounds of the Comedy Central show as well as the Jason Reitman movie.

First up in the undercards is an immediate return from Mikey Mileos against the undefeated Zack Kennedy.

Zack debuted last December beating his own son in battle before taking a second win against another lackluster opponent some months later bringing him to a solid 2-0. Mikey, on the other hand had a rough start only last week with a misfire of a debut that earned him a loss – in what was just narrowly not a double loss – against Florentina Tenase. Roast Battle works a unique set of muscles separate from standup, and hopefully Mikey will be better prepared tonight for his second matchup.

The still-undefeated Rena Hundert makes a return to the ring tonight against up-and-comer Paige Wesley.

Paige currently holds the anchor position at the bottom of the Belly Room’s top 50 power rankings after a nail-biting overtime loss to fellow-full-figured Roast diva Heather Marulli in an all-time classic. Canada’s Rena Hundert remains at an undefeated 5-0 that includes wins against other top-ranked female competitors Anna Valenzuela and Jeanne Whitney.

In our first of two one-round main events, Omid Singh sets his sights on one-win wunderkind Jonathan Rowell.

Jonathan Rowell is easily a top 20 battler if you’re not counting wins and losses. Despite only a single victory on his record after countless turns in the ring, he’s nevertheless turned in some of the best one rounders we’ve seen in the past two or so years that he’s been a semi-active battler. He’s sort of the Bizarro Albert Escobedo. Always takes quality opponents in close decisions and he’s by no means a jobber. Even as Roast Battle’s most-consistent main event loser, Rowell’s still an even match for Omid Singh, the all-time win leader and a Comedy Central vet to boot.

Finally, for our second five joke clash, we’ll see a bicoastal brawl between Belly Room champ Pat Barker and Roastmasters’ JP McDade.

New York’s sending over one of their best again, now for another shot at our new champ, raising unprecedented questions about the effect on rankings of bicoastal battles. As Pat’s taking on someone from outside our show, I’d argue that it’s more of an exhibition match and our title isn’t up for grabs. At the same time, Pat’s championship status is not linear and based only on his win streak after Alex Hooper was knocked from the top spot by a loss to current overall champion, Eli Sairs. So the argument is also easily made that loss equals downward movement on the leaderboard, particularly considering that both shows do recognize each other’s records. But that would also effectively be arguing that Alex Hooper is still technically the champion, and honestly who wants that, besides Alex? It’s a lot of questions for our rankings committee. At the same time, Pat’s an incredible roaster, so the onus is on his opponent to make the committee answer these tricky questions. JP McDade has done two prior Belly Room battles and is a top contender on the East Coast so he should have a solid feel by now for this version of the show. He’s another veteran of season two’s regionals and currently co-hosts (alongside Eli Sairs) the new Comedy Central web series, “Rude Boyz,” which Keith Carey and Connor McSpadden have been assured through lawyers is not similar to their “Mean Boys” podcast in any actionable way. We’re all set for a bicoastal bloodbath tonight in the Belly Room with the potential to majorly shake up our ranks. Let’s roast!

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