Tonight in the Belly Room, we’ve got a rare night featuring an undercard slate populated entirely by Roast Battle virgins. Virgin battles are often the most unpredictable, where experienced comics can fight to the finish or fall on their swords and newbies can shine – or, well, totally whiff. Either way, it’ll be a roller coaster ride to our main event, featuring two of the Belly Room’s rising stars.

This week’s judges include Jeff Ross, the Roastmaster General and the man who took down a giant on national television (and, as of this writing, for just shy of 1.4 million people on YouTube), and Anna Valenzuela, a Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle veteran and current host of the 12 Questions and Brujaja podcasts. Our third judge is still to be determined as of press time, but knowing how the Comedy Store works, it could be almost anyone in the comedy world.

First up, we have Jesika Lee taking on Ryan Maza!

Jesika and Ryan are friends looking to take their standard smack-talking to the hot lights of the Comedy Store. Jesika, originally hailing from Brooklyn, and Ryan, originally hailing from Palmdale, both perform stand-up regularly around Los Angeles and post a fuckton of memes on their Instagram pages. Judging by that alone, it’s hard to gauge how this will turn out, but my fingers are crossed that they’ll bring the heat and not leave us wanting them to retreat back to the internet holes they seem to be most comfortable in.

After that, we’ve got our second and final undercard: Jacob Christopher versus JoAnn Schinderle!

Jacob and JoAnn may be new to Roast Battle, but they are comedy vets who came up together in Portland, Oregon. A battle between friends and colleagues always has the potential to be a humdinger, especially when the fighters involved have made their way to LA from another city known for breeding strong comedians. Out of all tonight’s undercards, this one has the most potential to pop off – fingers crossed that they live up to it!

Finally, in our main event, Armando Torres takes on Billy Anderson!

Armando and Billy have both been battling for quite some time now, each racking up a slew of wins in the Belly Room and impressing along the way. Billy’s record is currently untarnished, while Armando, who has lost a few fights, is coming off one of the best battles of August, where he and Jacob Trimmer tied after spitting jokes until they couldn’t sling any more punchlines. Tonight, Armando looks to close the fight decisively while Billy is trying to keep that perfect record going. Who’s gonna make it happen? Come by tonight to find out!

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