Tonight’s fight card is short and sweet, filled with promising undercards and capped off with a surefire main event.

Two Roast Battle favorites are confirmed to be at the judges’ table tonight. Moshe Kasher, fresh off his honeymoon special on Netflix, will use his quick and witty sensibilities to oversee the night’s battles and cut down those who don’t make the cut. He’ll be backed up by Annie Lederman, touring comic and one of the OG Dirty Dozen battlers. She’s always ready and willing to give a stellar performance from the VIP section and unafraid to make mincemeat out of weak contenders. Who will the third judge be? You’ve gotta show up to find out.

First up, Ashley Johnson takes on Spence Griffeth in what will probably be a one-sided battle.

Ashley has some experience in the ring and has proven himself perfectly capable of writing a solid roast joke. Spence, on the other hand, has only done one battle and put on quite an underwhelming performance. If Ashley brings his A game and Spence didn’t do some kind of Rocky-style montage to become 100 times better since his last battle, we may be looking at a beat down, but as we know anything is possible in the Belly Room.

Next up, Kill Tony regular Malcolm Hatchett will attempt to kill Dylan Sullivan.

Malcolm has made waves in the LA comedy scene since his first and only battle, where he took a W. We’ve seen Kill Tony alumna Kim Congdon morph into one of the best battlers on both coasts. Only time will tell if this is in the cards for Malcolm as well but he is a very funny comedian with tons of charisma and likability. It’ll be exciting to see what he brings to the stage tonight. Dylan Sullivan, on the other hand, is a total wildcard. He’s never battled and I’ve never seen his stand-up. He could be incredible or an absolute disaster. We’ll find out tonight!

The final undercard of the evening features two of the most verbally violent teddy bears in the game, Armando Torres and Paige Wesley. 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a huge girl crush on Paige Wesley. She’s such a sweet, genuine person offstage but is fully capable of setting the room on fire with confidence and cutthroat writing on stage.  Armando Torres, an equally duplicitous phenomenon, is coming off a loss to Brian McDaniel and is sure to come back ready to bring the heat. This battle of the gentle giants is sure to rock the room both figuratively and literally.

In our headlining match, Sarah Keller and Keith Carey will take the Belly Room stage for a three-round rumble.

It’s an exciting time in Roast Battle as we find there is a new wave of top-tier battlers tearing through the rankings to challenge the old order. Sarah Keller has been on fire for quite some time now, leaving only verbal destruction in her wake. Her only recent loss, in the tournament against Jonathan Rowell, was debatably unwarranted or at the least, an extremely close call. Keller is coming off a well-deserved win over Roast Battle all-star Pat Barker and has now set her sights on yet another Belly Room favorite, Keith Carey. Keith is a roaster’s wet dream and that is literally the only time he will ever be described as anyone’s wet dream. He’s the perfect combination of roastability, likability, and writing ability. The guy is just straight up really fun to battle and really fun to watch. He loses a lot and is the best example of why that doesn’t matter at all. Regardless of the outcome, these are two of the best and brightest and it will be incredible to watch.

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