Ok. That’s not 90s TV superstar Ben Savage, of Boy Meets World fame. BUT, it is Mark Normand, of supes funny comedian fame, and he’s our guest judge this week! I have not seen him live but check out his Conan set or his album “Still Got It” and it is all worth your time. The first time I heard of Mark, it was while destroying my friend Jay Light (4-1) in Super Smash Bros. He only wishes his record was that good in Smash.

Speaking of Jay, he’s battling roast virgin and friend Tamer Kattan (0-0)! That’s called a segue in the biz. Also on the skej is the triumphant return of Ashley Barnhill (1-0) against the debut of Babs Gray (0-0) and an undercard of John Tole (0-0) versus Jon Schablah (0-0)!

Before we get into the previews, let me say that I dig all these (0-0) records. I joined the Roast Battle bandwag with the report last month but was watching for much longer before that. Watched some trainwrecks, watched some powder kegs (Thibault?) but the whole time watched the show grow. An LA Weekly write-up, an LA Riot festival later and now the masses are assembling to watch and comics are rushing to showcase their insult skills. We have 78 battlers now and it’s only growing. It’s a beautiful thing we got here every Tuesday at midnight. Anyway…on to these previews bruh. #LETSROAST

Our undercard tonight is Jon Schabl vs John Tole!


Oooh I am stoked for this. Look at these photes! We don’t know who is weirder! Sadly, I have never seen Jon without the H perform but his twitter was dece. He faces a hefty intense matchup against John with the H. I have seen John. Very funny guy and gets to be confused with another great comic, Shawn Halpin, all the time. Jon likely gets confused with a cult leader but thats just speculation at this point. I’ll go with John Tole, with him having more followers on twitter being the “tole” reason. #boo

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sometimes you forget. I did today. Luckily, the internet will remind you when you do. But srsly. If i mess up on these, plz let me know. I will correct it ASAP.

That being said, we have a forgotten battle! Ryan Budds v Wendi Starling!


Look at these two. I just grab random photes from facebook for these previews. Look how similar these two are. Blonde hair. Fair skin. Right handed beer chug. It’s almost like they were related.

Oh, whats that? They are? Oh snap. It’s our first Dysfunctional Family Battle! Ryan is a new dad, very funny comedian and master at trivia with and hosts a great trivia night in Covina and Northridge. Wendi, his sister-in-law, is another powerhouse on stage. Saw her for the first time at Jay Light’s Kinda Sketchy show and was very impressed. I dont know much about her but she is generally well reviewed by other comics I know and this is an industry that loves to hate.


Ryan even commissioned this image for his battle! I think they are both hilarious but from what I know of the two, I have to pick Ry.

Our first main event has Ashley Barnhill against Babs Gray!


So we just had International Women’s Day. Shoutout to all women, including Rachel and Patricia, who make this writer possible. And what better way to pay homage to the fairer battlers than these two. Ashley DEMOLISHED in her debut a while back. Poor Janel Santa Cruz (0-2) never stood a chance.

“Janel’s family walks up to the club like what up it’s 9am we’re here to clean.”-Ashley Barnhill, round unkown.

“Janel’s last name is SantaCruz, like the college. Because she’ll let 70% inside but no one wants to finish there.”-Ashley Barnhill, round unknown.

At some point I may do awards for roasters and jokes and such. That last one, my friends, is an early nominee for RJOTY (Roast Joke of the Year). I enjoyed her standup and she’s a good twitter follow so make sure to look into that.

Babs will be an intriguing watch. Her comedy is funny. Tweet game strong. Her delivery and presence onstage lend themselves to roast battling. I think comedy is comedy as long as people are laughing, but some might describe Babs as “alt”? Maybe Ashley is too? Idk. The club/alt dilemma is to be discussed later on a podcast that hasnt even launched yet. All I know for now is while both these battlers are funny and great writers, I have to pick Ashley. 

And that takes us to our final battle, Jay Light versus Tamer Kattan!


I know I always say how pumped I am for battles. I’m a positive dude. I enjoy being happy. So get used to it. That being said I am PUMPED for this battle. It’s bro on bro crime! Jay Light is one of my great pals, despite my dominance over him in Super Smash Bros. He runs a fantastic /mic/show every Thursday at Hyperion Tavern called Kinda Sketchy. Czech it. Tamer is a part of this whole circle of comedy bros that took a comedy class with some bloke named Gerry Katzman. He’s always been funny, supportive and just a good dude in general.

Jay is a top 10 battler. Tamer has toured the world doing standup comedy. Both have great tweets. I have to go chalk here and pick Jay. 

I am 6-2 so far in picks. Yea, I’m the only one keeping track. Wanna fight about it? Thanks as usual for reading and coming to the show. Tweet us @roastbattle or email [email protected] for questions/concerns/other stuff.

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