Tonight was looking to be a dandy. 3 strong battles. 3 GREAT judges. And then ya boy double-checked the official Roast Battle twitter (blue check coming soon) and we have a second main event! For a total of 4 battles! You too, can get this info and more by following them or me.

You can also follow all of our judges on twitter! The three judges combined have over 250K followers on twitter! Steve has a crazy followback ratio. Less than 1 percent! Way to go, Steve! Shang and Bret seem to have a “junior college admissions” style followback policy. Anyone. Anytime. Just show up and try not to be racist.

Shang is a very funny comedian and really nice guy. Always good for a fun convo when he’s not onstage. He’s got an hour special called “SHANGRY”, so be on the look out for that. He looks like Sinbad had a kid who went into motivational speaking after having a drug problem. He’s also the only judge I had to type “comedian” into the google search. But I’m certain that has more to do with the massive Asian population worldwide.


Sick headshot bro. Bret I have never met. I have heard some of his comedy on Spotify and it’s funny. He’s another comic who other comics make sure to stop and watch if he’s on stage. I think I saw him once on the Original Room and it was great. He has a podcast called The Bret Ernst Show that you should check out.


I can’t figure out if Steve looks like every substitute teacher who just couldn’t reach the kids or every dude my mom friend zoned while she was a single and raising shitty kids. Steve is a great Roast judge. Will take shots at every soul in the room if he has a chance, and they’ll be zingers. He has 3 great specials including the recently released Champion, which you should all check out. He was a canceled vintage show called “Sullivan and Son” that a had a good three year run on TBS. 90s cartoon favorite Doug Funnie only lasted 3 years and people still love that show.

Anyway. Like I said we have 4 great battles to cover so let’s hit it bruh!

Our first undercard has John Mitchell (0-0, UR) against Yedoye Travis (0-0, UR)!


Easily the most handsome battle we’ve had since I battle Doug (2-0, 29) and I did a lot of the heavy lifting on that front. This should be a good battle. I’ve seen both guys around mics and such. Funny, nice guys. I think Yedoye has smarter jokes and will get the W but John has good stage presence and should put up a fight. I realize went a little #coachspeak with my analysis there so here’s some numbers for you. John has 99 twitter followers.Yedoye has over 700. The internet sees it my way, and there’s no more reliable a source than that.

Our second undercard features Leah Knauer (0-0, UR) against Liz Stewart (0-0, UR)!


Oh my. Are we shooting the Roast Battle calendar tonight? Another great matchup of beauty/brains. I’m psyched for this battle. Liz has been a good friend for a long time. Very powerful onstage. Very smart jokes. I recently met Leah and she seems great. Haven’t seen her perform. But let’s check twitter!

“omg yum, this Greek Yogurt is so authentic it’s made with extra unibrow”-@LeahKnauer, 4/27, 0 favs (still early)

Edgy. Still gonna go with Liz but can’t wait to watch!

Our first main event has Alex Duong (2-1, 24) versus Pat Barker (2-1, 26)!


Ok the attractive train gets a little derailed here but this will be a great battle nonetheless. Combined 4-2. Top 30 battlers. Alex is a funny dude but he may have faced a few tomato cans on his path to 24. Pat I feel like will have the better jokes but his tend to drag on. His punchlines have been overshadowed by lengthy set ups in the past. I think I’ll go with Pat here but if Vegas were handicapping it’d be a pick ‘em for sure.

Our last battle of the evening has Dan Lawler (2-1, 21) versus Brendan Lynch (1-1, 53)!


This should a dooz of a main event! Both very funny guys. Good dudes. Dan is in rare company, being one of the 3 in the 12-3 to emerge victorious against a lady in Battle. He dedicated his second round to making fun of how nice Dani Fernandez’s smile was. Maybe that’s the key to Gender Battles. Brendan is a great writer, Great on twitter.

“The inside of every Cadbury Creme Egg is just an unfertilized Peep.”[email protected]brendanlynch, 4/4, 25 favs

This will be battle of contrasting styles for sure. Dan is high energy. Brendan is a little more relaxed and chill. I think I have to go Brendan here.

I am 18-13 so far in picks. Yea, I’m the only one keeping track. Wanna fight about it? Thanks as usual for reading and coming to the show. Tweet us @roastbattle or email [email protected] for questions/concerns/other stuff.

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