Oh, have we got some battles for you tonight. Closing out Black History Month strong af, we have FOUR full battles and an undercard. Ross and Rell will be there, ready to rock and roast. This week’s guest judge is the wonderful Iliza Schlesinger! Ive had the pleasure of working with her on a show or two and her new standup special, “Freezing Hot”, is dominating trending topics and Netflix downloads alike. We’ll also have the Coach Tea, the Negro Wave, House Haters and who knows who else in the house #OnATuesday. #LETSROAST

First up we have Rasheed Stevens(0-0) vs Guam Felix (0-1)


If I’m not mistaken Guam has just a loss on his record and this is Rasheed’s first battle. I’ve seen both these guys around the comedy scene and while they’re both fine performers, I would probably give Rasheed the edge. 

In our first Main Event, we have Jake Adams (1-0) vs Evan Cassidy (0-1)


Tough battle to pick. Jake has a win but I didn’t see his battle. Evan has a loss but he had what we call an “impressive loss” to Keith Carey (2-0) in last week’s undercard. We have two white guys up again. Go ahead and ask around what that’s supposed to mean here at Roast Battle. I’m gonna go gut here and pick Evan. Everyone loves and underdog.

Next up is Omid Singh (2-3) vs Jason Van Glass (0-1)


Another battle chock full of storyline! Omid is a strong battler. Great joke writer. His three losses really speak to the strength of the rest of the battlers we have in the league. JVG, his 0-1 might be the strongest 0-1 to ever exist. His undercard versus top ranked Roast Battler Alex Hooper is still being whispered about in the halls, mainly because that’s the only battle Boon Shaka Laka remembers. I’m going Omid here, in what should be a great battle no matter who wins.

And our 3rd and final battle Kim Congdon (3-0) vs Dave Gregory (0-0)


Now this should be good. Comedy Store princess Kim Congdon going against Vine superstar/diabetic Dave Gregory! Kim has won 3 tough battles and is the only top-10 battler competing tonight. Dave is a friend of mine and a force of nature on stage. But his inexperience will be his undoing. Kim is too battle-tested and will have a form of home-court advantage, being that she’s an integral member of Tony Hinchcliffe’s (1-1) DEATHSQUAD crew. I’m going Kim here, with an easy win as a part of an entertaining battle.

I am 2-0 so far in picks. Yea, I’m the only one keeping track. Wanna fight about it? Thanks as usual for reading and coming to the show. Tweet us @roastbattle or email [email protected] for questions/concerns/other stuff.

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