Roast Battle’s not fucking around to start the New Year off. Aside from a few rough rookie fights, January’s strong slate of battlers proved that the sport is still going strong, and February’s first fight card looks to further that trend. We’ve got two fun undercards and a three-round Title Match on deck for you.

Judging the chaos, we’ve got a panel of folks familiar with the sport. Jerron Horton is an O.G. fighter who parlayed early success in the Belly Room into a bevy of writing work and a spot on Season 3 of Comedy Central’s Roast Battle. Mike Young is a Comedy Store Paid Regular and longtime attendee who has sat for more than a handful of stints at the judges’ dais. And it wouldn’t be a proper title match without guidance and judgment from the Roastmaster General himself, Jeff Ross, fresh off a weekend performing and catching the Super Bowl in Miami.

The night’s first undercard features Sam Brilhart taking on Roy Ellison. The 0-3 Ellison hasn’t battled in a minute, but his previous fights were entertaining, even if they didn’t turn out so well for him. Brilhart, on the other hand, has a few wins to his name, and always takes some remarkable risks inside the Roast Battle ring. If you need a refresher, just think back to his battle last month with Sarah Fatemi, where he came out wearing an almost-exact replica of her own makeup. Brilhart is looking to score some more wins, but Ellison may be a spoiler here as long as he spent his time away from the ring becoming an even more effective joke writer.

Our second and final undercard features ranked favorites Tim McGorry and Zahra Ali. These two have mixed records but have spent the better part of the past couple years throwing down raucous fights against some of the sport’s other rising stars. Ali is the more recent winner, but McGorry’s fresher in the ring, so it’s really anyone’s game. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for fat, ugly, and slut jokes told with creativity and flair – or perhaps some total surprises.

Finally, we have the decade’s first title match: current champion Brett Erickson versus challenger Bryan Vokey. This battle has been brewing in the “will they/won’t they” column for a very long time, but now we finally get to witness these two great joke writers and friends finally take each other on. Erickson’s meteoric and record-breaking rise to the top has become the stuff of legend to Roast Battle fans, but don’t count out Vokey, who has proven his mettle in tournaments and in main events against some of the sport’s fiercest fighters. A three-rounder is always hard to predict, but one thing’s for sure: this will be one fight you don’t wanna miss.

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