This is our guest judge, Michael Kosta! I’ve seen Michael a bunch at the Comedy Store and he’s always been funny. A lot of the comics will stay around specifically to see him. He’s been all over TV. And…he was a really good tennis player? Yup. Ranked 864 in the world. Which is insane. In most rooms, he would crush anyone in the room at tennis and 100 percent of the comics. But in the tennis world? Yikes. Nothing like having the numbers tell you 863 people are better than you. Here’s his stat page. Prof pic on fleek. Sweet INACTIVE. But for real, check out his stuff. On iTunes. Or his Funny or Die stuff, including the video from which I got this picture. We’ve also a got a special guest judge coming in! More deets on that later???

Hey. Before we get to these previews bruh let’s do some housecleaning. I know i normally put this at the end but remember to email us at [email protected], follow on Twitter and IG but also…let’s get this trending? If you google “roast battle” the top results are the aforementioned Twitter, the boss-ass LA Weekly write-up and a couple of other things.


So for real tho..I was checking this today and the tumblr is top 10! That’s exciting! But we need to get it top 5 and beyond. Let’s get up there as well! Our home base site as an About the Show, live tweets of the Roast Battle family and of course…the rankings. I’ve been getting good feedback about the blog and it means a lot. I mean, Roast Battle literally just made’s Top 50 to Watch in 2015 list!!! But next time you read, maybe google it, share it. All that. Tryna get these clicks baby.

Anyway. On the previews bruhhhh!

EDITORS’S NOTE: We had a second undercard ft. Ryan Budds and Gene Jannece. Unforeseen circumstances causes a reskej. hope all is well RY and Gene!

Our first battle features some LA comedy scene heavyweights (sorry Tamer), Tamer Kattan (0-1, 68) taking on Battle newbie Brian Monarch (0-0, UR)! You’ll notice I threw a number next to Tamer’s record and an UR next to Brian’s. These represent their position in our rankings, with Brian’s UR standing for unranked (#duh). 


Big (sorry Tamer) night! Tamer is a great friend a very funny joke writer. His loss came against top 10 Roaster and perennial loser in Super Smash Bros, Jay Light (5-2, 9). Brian runs great shows in southern California, which you can find out more about here! Brian is super funny as well, but I think gotta trust Tamer on this one. He was really close to Jay in his battle and Jay is a seasoned vet. Just not in Smash.

Our main event brings us to Cody Morley (2-2, 27) taking on Omid Singh (3-3, 15)!


STOKED AF for this battle. Omid is a great dude. Very funny. I swear his losses have come against some of our best battlers. I dont believe I’ve ever seen Cody’s standup and I may have only caught one of his battles, but he’s pretty nice when I see him around the scene. I think Omid wins this handily.

Overall it’ll be a huge (sorry Tamer) battle.

I am 15-8 so far in picks. Yea, I’m the only one keeping track. Wanna fight about it? Thanks as usual for reading and coming to the show. Tweet us @roastbattle or email [email protected] for questions/concerns/other stuff.

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